Every movement on the wobbleboard is a chance to balance.create.play

Balance. Create. Play

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Children's Wobbel Yoga - Bring a Friend
Cheryl Tay, Founder of Tiny Movements Co.


As a certified children's yoga teacher, an artist, and a Montessori mom, Cheryl believes that freedom of movement makes for creative and independent young children.

When Cheryl discovered Wobbel Yoga in 2017, she was convinced that wobbel board + yoga could help unleash children's potential to imagine and create. 

Our approach is to combine children’s yoga with the Wobbel Board - a curved wooden board that accentuates movement - to unite both mind and body. We desire to develop children with patience, self-confidence and physical strength, all while having fun!


She founded Tiny Movements Co. in hope of giving all kids in Singapore access to the benefits of Wobbel Yoga.

Come on and join us as we Balance. Create. Play!



Come and experience the joy of bonding with your child in our first-of-the kind wobbelyoga class, where we combine yoga on a curved board. During class, we will be teachi...
Parent and Child Wobbel Yoga
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Children's Wobbel Yoga 5 Class Pack
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Come and join us for 45 mins of theme-based yoga on the Wobbel board- a curved board that accentuates movement and allows for self-discovery and creative play. We sing s...
Children's Wobbel Yoga (age 4-9)